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Bonjour à tous,

je souhaiterais partager l'ensemble de mes scripts/projets Powershell (disponible sur ). Voila la liste :

Active Directory
Change contact email address from CSV
Change user attributes from a CSV file
Change user CN to match with the SamAccountName
Copy group members to another group
Count and get user objects
Create contacts from CSV
Delete personal folders when users no longer exist
Disable and move inactive computer accounts
Enable strict replication consistency in a forest
Enumerate all domains in a forest
Export users to a CSV file
Find all locked out user account
Find an email address in the AD forest
Find lingering object in a forest
Forest-wide object search
Get all DCs in a forest
Get all DCs in a forest and resolve hostname to IP address
Get DACL permission of a user object
Get deleted objects
Get distribution lists and \"Managed by\" username
Get empty groups
Get enabled or disabled computer accounts
Get forest functional level
Get group members (ADSI method)
Get group members (similar group names)
Get inactive users (>6 months)
Get user group membership
Get users that not belong to similar group names
Move computer objects to another OU
Resolve or get SID for Active Directory object
Testing for Schema Extension Conflicts
Get all cluster groups in an Active Directory domain and their current owners
Get all cluster resources and their dependencies
Get all cluster resources and their possible owners
Get the cluster quorum type
Set a cluster resource dependency
Set possible owners on core cluster resources
Get active databases in the Exchange organization
Get the Exchange database full statistics
Get the number of mailboxes on each Exchange store
Get the size of the Exchange databases
Files and folders
Change a string in a text file
Change Data source in ODC files
Clean up old files based on age
Delete folders on remote hosts
Get folders ACL (owner and NTFS rights)
Get shared folders informations on a remote host
Robocopy process management
Set folders ACL (owner and NTFS rights)
Add a SNMP permitted manager on remote hosts
Backup/Restore all DNS zones
Create DNS PTR record if A record exists
Execute a cmdlet on a remote system with Invoke-Command
Get HP iLO board informations (XML reader)
Get server network configuration using WMI
Ping computer with a specific OS
Ping computers in a host file
Query a DNS zone
Query a SQL database
Set DNS server ip address information on remote servers
Clean all MS update uninstall folders on remote workstations
Get hotfix list on remote host
Get installed software list on a specific computer
Get OS information using Active Directory
Get OS information using WMI
Get service pack level on Windows 2008 servers
Query remote servers for installed hotfixes
Set or change a value in a remote registry
WSUS server cleanup task
Service and process
Get a service status on remote servers
Kill all instances of the same process name
Monitor if a process is frozen
Restart a service on remote servers
Get the virtual desktop uptime
Get the VMware tools status and version for all guests


Audit Active Directory 2 (Windows 2008 / PHP / MySQL)
Audit Active Directory changes
Create dynamic SCCM collections
Free and secure password repository
Free and secure password repository (PHP/JQuery/Ajax)
Group policy - Server access restriction
Monitor Active Directory database backup + report sent by email
Monitor certificate expiration
Monitor locked out user accounts
Network file unlocker
Query tool GUI (Active Directory and SQL)

Ils sont tous sur mon site

Comme ce forum/site est francais je me propose de les partager avec des explications en français pour ceux qui le souhaite.

Bon weekend à tous
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